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High-Intensity Interval Training: 3 Main Benefits of HIIT

Posted in Healthy Lifestyle , on October 16, 2018 0 comments

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an intense cardio workout. To do it right, you must push yourself to the limit in short bursts of exercises. These exercises can last anywhere from 20-90 seconds which is why more energy must be exerted to make it efficient in these short bursts. Training this way can show significant weight loss in the abdominal core, total body fat, leg, and trunk fat, and increase metabolism.


What are HIIT workouts?

In High-intensity interval training, you are exerting all your energy during the short bursts of intense cardio workout. There is the option to incorporate weights and equipment, but it’s not always needed. HIIT routines can involve using bodyweight or added weights, and both will result in a spike heart rate.

HIIT is not only about constant exertion, but it is also necessary to rest in-between bursts in order to perform your max during the short bursts of exercises. The rest period also results in high-caloric expenditure, leading to fat loss.

Moderate cardio is obviously less intense and you can exercise longer without rests. Going for a 5K run, for example, is an exercise where you exert more energy over a longer period of time. This also means you will burn calories over a longer period of time, whereas in HIIT routines you can burn the same amount in a shorter period.

To create the proper HIIT workout, we suggest to exercise intensely for 30, 60 or 90 seconds then rest for around a minute, then continue your sets. Working with a fitness trainer or in a group workout session can help you get the support you need with this type of intense workout. For example, they will keep track of time and organize the appropriate exercises. Find out more about Shred905’s group classes or personal training here.


3 Unique Benefits of HIIT

1. Endurance Training

Due to the short intense bursts and rest intervals, it changes metabolic pathways in the muscle cells, increasing muscle cell energy demands. Oxygen is delivered to muscles, helping with endurance training. Trainers use the HIIT method to help athletes with endurance, especially closer to competitions.

2. Abdominal core weight loss

You will burn calories with any cardio workout, so how about a more intense cardio workout like HIIT? Studies have shown that 150 - 300 minutes a week of moderate to intense workouts will show significant results in weight loss. By making workouts more intense, you will burn more calories and continue the process overnight, burning calories in your sleep! HIIT is effective to get rid of stubborn abdominal body fat. It requires challenging your body with different workouts and giving it your all.

3. Metabolic Boost

High-intensity interval training will also increase your metabolic rate for up to 24-48 hours after your workout! Meaning you are burning calories and boosting your metabolic rate while you sleep. By keeping this HIIT workout routine and an overall more active lifestyle, you will notice a major improvement in energy.

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