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Group Fitness Instructor / Spin

Woodbridge … Born and Raised 


Why Group Fitness?

I love the feeling of a community working together to have the greatest sweat session ever. The love of (friendly) competition, the love of pushing others & getting pushed to do more, work harder and not give up!


What are you most passionate about?

My family. And more specifically, teaching my 2 girls about self love, self confidence and beauty in themselves


Biggest Accomplishment?

Finishing the 2018 Crossfit OPEN in the top 3% in the World (#922/30, 921) among women in the 35-39 age category  


Ideal Sunday?

Workout > Church > Family Time > Daughters Soccer Game! 


3 words to describe you:
Motivating – Intense - Passionate


Never. Give. Up 


How do you Recharge?

Funny Enough … a tough, grueling Crossfit session with my bestie!


Meet someone alive or dead:
Not meet … but just see one more time … my dad 


Guilty pleasure?


Biggest challenge?
Despite discovering scoliosis at 37 and suffering a tear in my shoulder at 40, my training, health and physical fitness it truly at the best it has even been


3 words describing your class:
Intense – Sweaty – Challenging  

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