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Our SHRED yoga focuses on stretch, strength and mobility. With the guidance of our certified Yoga instructor our Yoga allows you to safely explore the limits of your body. Yoga offers many benefits including increased stamina, flexibility as well as stress reduction. A beautiful addition to any fitness journey and suitable for all fitness levels.

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NEW* Warm up, loosen up, get ready to sweat, improve your head movement, learn the art of striking & get better equipped with direct application of your striking techniques. We'll emphasize precision techniques through jabs and kicks. Our rigourous drills will bolster resilience & endurance, while our specialized training will work on speed & power. Ultimately improving your cardiovascular capacity while working on mental focus. The sessions will include entry level grappling/wrestling & basic BJJ techniques as well as take downs on the mat.

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Personal Trainers looking for space to grow your business and train your clients. We offer a 1500 sq ft fitness playground which includes a live boxing ring, Stages spin bikes, Octagon 2.0 Escape Fitness functional training frame, fitness accessories and more. We offer competitive monthly rates. Contact us to set up a studio tour !

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High Intensity Interval Kick**NEW** Box- an explosive combination of high & low intensity exercises, including kicking+boxing, pad work, heavy bag and more! Join us and use your body as a weapon!

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Body Blast & Bands! A 60 minute high energy full body workout featuring resistance bands and cardio! We've paired High Intensity Interval training with resistance bands to work on body control, flexibility, range of motion while building strength & endurance. Come sweat with us!

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As one of the best cardio workouts in the fitness industry it's a must try at SHRED905! A mix of boxing, foundational footwork, punches, striking combos, and a strong focus on strength training. We've incorporated strength into each class in order to maximize your time and get you building that strength.

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1,2 Box Flow

Our newest class, box meets yoga in 1,2 Box Flow. This class incorporates yoga poses to promote coordination, focus & sequencing much like our boxing foundations. Focus on breathwork- an integral component in both boxing & yoga. Get ready to work on cardio & boxing combos as well. Participants will be hitting the bags & holding pads, as well as hitting the floor bare feet ready to flow.

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Are you ready to sweat, shred, & Escape Your Limits? Choose from our cycling classes & get spinning today! Join us for interval training, hills, a strengthening workout or a quick cycle class!

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Our POWER HIIT - great way to get your strength training in and focus on those strength gains! You'll be using dumbbells, kettlebells, working the squat rack, barbell work and much more! Don't neglect your strength- join Coach Ryan as strength meets HIIT in this killer class!

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Power Legs'N Glutes - a 60 minute sweat'n burn session focusing on lower body strength and activation ! We'll cross train, work on strength, tone, get that lower body stronger and keep it guessing while using all our fitness toys!

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SHRED905 Octagon workouts will push you to your fullest potential, both mentally & physically. We are the first fitness studio in Canada to offer the Escape Fitness 2.0 Octagon! Try our class today!

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We offer customized personal training & small group training for more a hands on approach for 2-4 members. Achieve your fitness goals with our certified personal trainers and start SHREDDING today!

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Our 7-day meal plans offer full colour recipes, grocery lists, meal prep tips and nutritional analysis. Recipes created by food book author Fina Scroppo and offer a modern, healthy influence on Mediterranean inspired cooking. Our SHRED meals are easy, accessible and are both delicious and nutritious !

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If you're looking for a fat-torching workout then Octa-Box is for you! With a mix of Octagon functional training and proper boxing skills, foundational footwork & punches you'll be sweating in no time!

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Our Kettlebell/Cycle Fusion Class - a great introduction to the world of kettlebells fused with a fast and furious cycle !

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Youth Fitness - Dates to be announced

Our youth winter series back & open for registration! Join Coaches Veronica & Ryan for total body fitness while working on strength, stamina, mobility, flexibility, coordination and mind muscle connection. Our sessions will incorporate all the SHRED fitness goodies- from bikes, to bag work, kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, sled pushing, battle ropes and more. Series starts TBD

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It's time for some co-worker rivarly. Book your next team building event at SHRED905 in Vaughan/ Woodbridge and get full access to our live boxing ring. It's time to Escape your limits!

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Welcome To SHRED905

SHRED905 is an indoor boutique fitness studio featuring intense workouts based on the cross training philosophy. Each class is designed to help you SHRED weight and tone your body through the usage of multiple exercise tools and methods, found exclusively at our studio. Workouts are taken to the next level with powerful interval training, which incorporates all workout disciplines, thereby, maintaining an upbeat and exciting atmosphere throughout the entire class.

But at SHRED905, we don’t just workout.

We guide you and challenge you to Escape Your Limits®!

Led by our professionally certified instructors, our SHRED workouts will improve your muscle tone, enhance cardiovascular endurance, lower stress levels, strengthen self-coordination, and fuel your confidence. Since we don’t believe in temporary fitness programs, we help you develop a lifelong healthy fit lifestyle.

At our studio, balance is a core value; the inner balance being how you feel and the outer balance being how you look. Through our shining instructors, unique training experience and empowering philosophies, we promise to take you along the ride of balance between the self, health, nutrition and happiness. Get ready to SHRED!

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