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SHRED905 Thursday Night Fight Night 

Led by Coach Ivo


We are super excited to annouce  the launch of our very own Fight Night at SHRED905! Our Thursday night fight night will be under the safe guidance and led by our very own Coach Ivo with guest appearances from Coach Adam.

Sparring is among the most invigorating cardiovascular training whereby allowing you to put your striking practices to test. It is recommended for all levels and we welcome everyone. This is not about who can strike their opponent the hardest leaving them banged up and brusied- rather an opportunity to apply the skills, drills and techniques you've acquired through hours practicing. And it's all done in the most fun, intereactive and non-intimidating way!

Warm up, loosen up, get ready to sweat and improve your head movement. Learn the art of striking while fixing your technique and get better equipped with direct application of your striking techniques. We'll emphasize precision techniques through jabs and kicks, Our rigourous drills will bolster resilience and endurance, while our specialized training will work on speed and power. Ultimately improving your cardiovascular capacity while working on mental focus. 

The sessions will include entry level grappling/wrestling and basic BJJ techniques as well as take downs on the mat.


Our fight night is open to the public and will take place Thursday nights 8:30-10pm. Pricing for fight night is $30+hst. Book your fight night class and click the link below:



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