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Get ready to sweat, shred, and Escape Your Limits® on your very own cycle journey!

The SHRED cycle/spin experience will get you pumped up with the best in cardio beats that will inspire, motivate and push you to work harder than you ever have. It will train your mind, breath, heart + body to work together to create mental + physical strength and balance.

  • 45 minSHRED CYLE 45+Core Our most intense spinning® experience, a powerful 45 minute ride with a variety of terrains; flats, hills, intervals and sprints. A full-body workout, this SHRED indoor cycle class ends with an intense 10 minute core blast exercise on a mat. Prepare to burn an average of 500-800 calories per one session! SEE SCHEDULE
  • 30 minSHRED CYCLE 30+ This two-in-one total body workout begins with a 30 minute ride that will awaken and strengthen your heart and muscles. Move the workout to the Octagon Trainer for a 20minute power interval, functional training session leaving you feeling energized and strong. SEE SCHEDULE

  • 60 minSHRED CYCLE HIIT An all out 60 minute ride. You'll ride flats, hills, sprint, interval- you name it! The 60 is meant to challenge your cardiovascular enduarance. Pop into our SHRED 60 spinning® classes and get your daily workout. These rides are specifically designed to focus on high intensity intervals that will challenge and push your limits. Meant to challenge and get the job done . No frills, no fuss, just pure spinning® SEE SCHEDULE

spin class vaughan spin instructor weights woodbridgeIndoor cycling, also known as spinning®, an intense cardio workout that relieves stress and will get endorphins flowing. An overall heart strengthening exercise, cycling is one of the best ways to burn calories while improving cardiovascular and muscular endurance all at the same time. Spinning® will tone and trim muscles, help with toxins release, all the while protecting your knees, lower back and any other pre-existing injuries.

For the best workout environment and class experience, SHRED905 is proud to feature smaller-sized spin classes of up to 9 riders at a time. At SHRED905, no need to worry about over-crowded classes, with a small amount of riders per class, participants are immersed in a personalized training practice with our highly energized, motivating and experienced cycling instructors.

At SHRED905, spinning® is more than just a workout. It’s an empowering mind-body experience that will leave you feeling super pumped both in mind + body  for the rest of your day.

**SHRED905 reserves the right to change/modify class schedules. Note, all classes listed may not be available on the monthly schedule**



New to spinning®? We want you to feel ready for the ride! Here are some tips that will help you prepare for class and better your cycling experience.


During the ride you’ll be breaking a serious sweat on the bike, so be sure to stay hydrated before and during the class. We offer a complimentary filtered water bottle filling station.



Spin shoes are not required to ride but recommended. If you have your own, our pedals are SPD compatible. You are also welcome to ride in your favourite running shoe. Wear your favorite breathable workout gear, a tank or tee with form fitting bottoms. Remember it’s all about comfort!


SHRED recommends arriving 15 minutes early to take care of a few things:

  • sign a waiver if you haven’t already done so online
  • fill up on complimentary H2O
  • set up safely and properly on the bike

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