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Member Profile

Posted in Uncategorized , on January 05, 2020

This months SHRED member profile focuses on our member TERESA. We'd like to celebrate her fitness strength. She never backs down from a challenge or intense class, Teresa is always pushing it and working towards new fitness goals!

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Fit Couple Members Profile

Posted in Healthy Lifestyle , on April 27, 2019

This months Shred member profile focuses on Fit Couple Ariana and David. They have both been members at Shred for over a year. Their fitness goals range from weight loss to strengthening to overall healthiness. They have been so committed to reaching their ‘Fit’ goals together and they have proven that the power of two on the gym floor is definitely fierce!

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Shred Member Profile

Posted in Healthy Lifestyle , on February 03, 2019

At Shred 905 we want to hear about your journey in fitness and celebrate your fitness accomplishments! This month we would like to shed light on our member Joanne. 

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High-Intensity Interval Training: 3 Main Benefits of HIIT

Posted in Healthy Lifestyle , on October 16, 2018

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an intense cardio workout. To do it right, you must push yourself to the limit in short bursts of exercises. These exercises can last anywhere from 20-90 seconds which is why more energy must be exerted to make it efficient in these short bursts. Training this way can show significant weight loss in the abdominal core, total body fat, leg, and trunk fat, and increase metabolism.

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Hybrid Training: Achieve Fitness Goals with HIIT Exercises

Posted in Octagon , on July 31, 2018

Fusion or Hybrid fitness is the combination of at least two different disciplines. Hybrid fitness routines could also be considered “high-intensity interval training” (HIIT) since it is a combination of workouts in power intervals. HIIT is all about alternating from quick intense activity to less-intense. Read more...

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