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punching bag fitness woman workout vaughan boxing glovesOCTA-BOX class is a blend of boxing inspired training and fundamental Octagon functional training for a fat torching complete body workout. This high energy workout will incorporate proper boxing skills, foundational footwork and punches. The OCTA-BOX class includes use of our unrivalled range of functional fitness equipment including Corebag®, Fitness Bulgarian Bag®, Plyobox®, TIYR® and much more.  Our instructors will take you through ringside training as well as power interval training with the Octagon functional frame. No holds barred for this class. Objective=ESCAPE YOUR LIMITS



FIRST time OCTA-BOX class?

Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in and get set up so you’re not feeling rushed. Our instructor will give you a brief tutorial on wrapping up for the boxing portion of the class.


Indoor cross training shoes or suitable running shoes. Please note barefoot is NOT permitted in the ring at any time. Wear comfortable clothing that is breathable and prepare to sweat.

Gloves and wraps are required for this class. If you don’t have your own, SHRED sells 10 oz boxing gloves for $14.00 and hand wraps for $4.00.


Bring your favourite water bottle, SHRED905 offers complimentary chilled triple filter H20 at our hydration filling station.


Our boutique studio offers a bathroom/change room and a shower room, stocked with towels, shower gel and blow dryer.


Be on time or arrive early. If you are unable to attend please respect our cancelation policy. Walk ins are always welcome provided spaces are available. And please remember to TURN OFF all electronic devices during class.

**SHRED905 reserves the right to change/modify class schedules. Note, all classes listed may not be available on the monthly schedule**

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