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High Intensity Interval Kick+Box 

Move fast, hit hard and sweat lots! Build the basics and foundations of kick boxing. Work on drills and techniques learning to use each limb as a striking tool from kicks, punches, elbows and knees- your body is the weapon! Pad work, heavy bag work and full body conditioning to keep you in shape for a killer kick boxing routine!

This class will have you push yourself, learn more, have fun, improve cardio  and build strength and coordination! Kick+Box takes you through various heart rate zones while working muscles with explosive movements & stationary movements. A great way to build strength, sculpt and burn fat. 

High Intensity Interval Kick+Box promises to challenge novice fitness levels and fitness ethusiasts. 

This class is 60 minutes and uses boxing gloves & wraps. Be sure to bring your boxing gear and proper indoor work out attire. ***Barefoot is not permitted in the ring*



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