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small group training personal customized weight fitness classAt SHRED905 we have customized workouts created by leading personal trainers. SHRED’s small group training has between 2-4 members and is designed to be as close to the personal training experience as possible.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, returning to fitness after pregnancy, training for a specific fitness goal, or are just trying to be more active after years of sedentary living — working one-on-one with a trainer is the best investment you can make when it comes to your own wellbeing.


SHRED905 has some of Vaughan’s most qualified fitness professionals. SHRED905’s qualified fitness professional’s vast knowledge is reinforced by years of experience working with a diverse clientele, as well as pushing ones own athletic boundaries. With their help you’ll achieve all of your fitness targets.


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They are here to guide you in achieving your fitness goals, whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, train for a marathon, improve your mental and physical stamina or to get the pre-baby body back, your coach is here to make the process pleasurable and efficient for you from day one.

From the very first workout, your trainer will access your physical abilities, discuss your fitness goals and consider your overall lifestyle and will give you a tailored fitness plan to attain your goals with accessibility and focus.

If you are working with a previous injury or ailment SHRED905 will ensure that your fitness plan and goals will be targeted specifically with the help of our professional medical team. In addition to your personal trainer, an athletic therapist, and registered massage therapist are available. These professionals will work with both you and your trainer to create the best fitness plan that will avoid aggravating your previous injury. Based on these professional suggestions + strategies, your coach will work with you side-by-side during each session to ensure a safe and highly effective workout.

Get ready to push your fitness limits and your mental performance heightened to a whole new level, in an extremely motivating, high-intensity workout sessions. 

Your training may incorporate spinning, octagon training, octabox, kickboxing, muay thai, weight training and specific athletic stretching, all to mix things up and have the best personal workout experience each time.

*Please note that personal training sessions are not included in group class pricing.

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