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Your positive mindset is wonderful to see and as a trainer it truly is rewarding. 

1. Your feeling and apprehensions about fitness before coming to SHRED905. 

Before Shred905 my strength levels were weak, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t reach my goals. I felt intimidated by others and their levels of fitness. A year later and I LOVE and ENJOY my time @ Shred905 – it’s my “ME TIME” where I can release any tension I have from my day.

2. How quickly did you decide to commit yourself to this fitness journey and why did you choose SHRED905 to be that place for you?

My commitment to my fitness journey took a long time to develop. My previous instructor was great- he really encouraged and motivated me. I was very disappointed to hear he was closing his fitness studio. But then I heard about Shred905 from a friend! I was able to maintain my enthusiasm and drive for fitness with encouragement and dedication from the SHRED905 staff. I enjoy every single moment of it! The atmosphere is always hopping with great music and beautiful smiles. The trainers are all very motivating and truly there to help and push the members- and the staff! Everyone is always available and willing to help with any concerns.

3. How has SHRED905 helped you overcome your apprehension and insecurities on 'all things fitness’?

Shred905’s “hybrid” training approach has helped me to overcome my insecurities and encouraged me to push myself beyond my fitness limits giving me the confidence to be my best self. SHRED905 is always motivating me to better myself in what I DO!

NO CHANCE FOR BOREDOM at SHRED905 with the different types of training such as Boxing, Spin, and Circuit Training. Exciting and Refreshing!

4.What do you love most about the new ’Teresa’ 

What I LOVE the most about the new Teresa is I never felt this super energetic before- today with SHRED in my life I am feeling sexy losing 25lbs and getting compliments from friends, family and especially my LOVE. Not to mention the amazing energy I have for my new grandma duties!! 

5. Where do you want this fitness journey to take you? 

 I want this fitness journey to make me feel strong and healthy for a long time. I’m feeling good about myself and not feeling ashamed of who I am or how I look. I want to look in the mirror and say “WOW WHO’S THIS SEXY MAMA OR NONNA!!” LOL And of course looking “SEXY” for my husband.

6. How important is fitness and a healthy lifestyle to you and what motivates you and your positive mindset?

Fitness is an important part of my life- in my relationships with my love, myself and my family. 

I love feeling strong and healthy on a daily basis. The amazing confidence I feel from being able to accomplish all the challenging workouts and the incredible confidence I feel when looking in the mirror because I am proud of all my hard work and especially proud of how I look. I recently became a proud Nonna for the first time and I love that I have tremendous energy to devote to my granddaughter and not worry about getting tired or not keeping up!!

And as a woman, it’s always great when your spouse is complimenting you more than ever on how amazing you look!


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