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octa-shred bootcamp vaughan girls fitness boxing male weight liftingSHRED905 Octagon workouts are designed to push you to your fullest potential, both physically and mentally. The OCTA-SHRED workouts are boot camp style with heavy focus on calisthenics, power intervals and plyometrics, all to the beat of loud and energizing music. Our training offers interactive workouts that are both fun and effective.

All our OCTA-SHRED classes incorporate the use of our studio’s unparalleled range of functional fitness equipment including Corebag®, Fitness Bulgarian Bag®, Plyobox® and TIYR®.



Designed to get the best results for each user, the Octagons’ cross training features allow fitness enthusiasts to push their limits, build muscle, and shred fat quickly and efficiently!

As the only studio to offer Escape Fitness Octagon training in Ontario, SHRED905 can offer its members the impressive experience this workout equipment can deliver. It is a multi-purpose machine featuring 8 different fitness rigs, allowing up to 10 people to exercise together and concurrently.  It is a 360-degree designed workout that is fast, effective, interactive and super fun, suitable for anyone. Whether you are a beginner fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete, the Octagon can be modified to fit your strength and capabilities.

The EDGE the Octagon offers is its ability to offer a variety of programs, allowing trainers to instruct a single class with multiple drill points. Using ropes, bands, kettlebells, and fitness rigs, together in a group setting. The versatility of the Octagon allows us to improve the functional training experience, muscle strength and overall body power.

**SHRED905 reserves the right to change/modify class schedules. Note, all classes listed may not be available on the monthly schedule**

Introducing The
Octagon Functional Trainer
A Revolutionary Machine.

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