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Instructor / Muay Thai


Why boxing and group training?
I love contact sports because they help you lead a healthy lifestyle while giving you supreme self-confidence. It improves focus and stillness. Contact sports are among the best method to achieve the highest level of mental and physical condition as well as teaching great morals and values.

What are you most passionate about?
Other than my career in law, Muay Thai kickboxing, Wrestling, Soccer, Boxing, and Gymnastics

Biggest accomplishment?

  • OFSAA track and field 100 M high school record holder and gold medalist
  • University level soccer MVP for three years in a row
  • Wininng first as a coach with Earl Haig high school girls soccer team
  • University level wrestling silver medalist
  • Having my own gym opened to teach university students mixed martial arts and Women’s self defence
  • Holding three university degrees in business, politics, and law

Ideal Sunday?

Breakfast with family, lunch with friends, dinner alone.  

3 words to describe you?
Passionate. Loyal. Achiever


Don't be an average guy living an average life. The best or nothing.

How do you recharge?

If you could meet anyone dead or alive?
Whoever I was in my past life.

Guilty pleasure?
Spice girls

Class style:
Genuine. Dynamic. Functional. Athletic. Positive. Fun

Short BIO
I have been training and competing in different sports such gymnastics, Track and Field, Soccer, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Boxing from a very young age. Sports have never been my hobby and rather they are the most effective and stimulating method to discipline myself, stay focused, and work towards a goal as well as challenging my highest physical and mental capacity which are the best method to achieve any goal. It is my pleasure to use my experience to help others who share the same passion to achieve their goals whatever they could be.

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