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Hybrid Training: Achieve Fitness Goals with HIIT Exercises

Posted in Octagon , on July 31, 2018 0 comments

There is a new fitness movement, called “fusion fitness” or “hybrid training” and our trainers at Shred905 completely support it. Fusion fitness is the combination of at least two different disciplines, for instance incorporating boxing to get your upper-level workout and then ending off with some power intervals on the spin bikes, all in one training session.  

hybrid fitness workout routine

Hybrid fitness routines could also be considered “high-intensity interval training” (HIIT) since it is a combination of workouts in power intervals. HIIT is all about alternating from quick intense activity to less-intense. You can get a great HIIT in just 30 minutes.

These multifunctional sessions will leave you sweating, no doubt, and be feeling accomplished. To avoid muscle fatigue and stay challenged, try incorporating a variation of HIIT exercises to create an amazing hybrid training session! 

3 Fitness Benefits to Hybrid Training

1. Lose Weight and Build Muscle Faster

A HIIT hybrid fitness session will allow you to burn more fat and calories within the 24 hours after your workout, regulating your body’s repair cycle. This will also boost your metabolism and improve your cardio. Hybrid fitness training works out a variety of muscle groups. When you’re working more muscles at once, and large muscle groups, you’re burning more calories in less time.

2. Save Time and Combine Favourite HIIT Workouts

Have a few favourite HIIT exercises? Combine them for a hybrid exercise and achieve your fitness goals while saving time. Find a few minutes during your lunch break, or before/after work. Think of it like this: you will achieve more in 20 minutes of high-intensity intervals than 60 minutes jogging on a treadmill. 

boxing hybrid fitness

3. Challenge your body with Hybrid Training

If you’re stuck with the same HIIT fitness routines, try to switch it up! Fit in something you have yet to try. Test your limits! Hybrid training can let your body move in different ways. 

Maria from Shred905 explains that hybrid workouts are about “challenging and surprising the body frequently so it can respond quicker and achieve huge gains for strength and muscle.”


How to Hybrid Fitness Train at Shred905

At Shred905, we encourage you to try hybrid training. Use our boxing ring, our Escape Fitness Octagon, and our spin bikes to get a well-rounded workout routine. You may even want to transition from a high-pace boxing training to releasing some muscle tension with a yoga flow. 

In a 60-minute hybrid training that includes intense spinning, you could burn over 700 calories. A power yoga session usually burns about 400 calories, and boxing will burn about 422 calories. Combine these for an effective high-intensity interval training session!


We also offer an Octa-Shred Boot Camp designed to push you to your fullest potential, both physically and mentally. Within 60 minutes of circuit training in the Octagon, about 756 calories or more can be burned. The Octagon offers cross-training features to encourage you to push your limits.

Develop a Healthy Fit Lifestyle with SHRED905


SHRED905 is an indoor boutique fitness studio featuring intense workouts based on the hybrid fitness training philosophy. Each class is designed to help you SHRED weight and tone your body through the use of multiple exercise tools and methods, found exclusively at our studio. Led by our professionally certified instructors, our SHRED workouts will improve your muscle tone, enhance cardiovascular endurance, lower stress levels, strengthen self-coordination, and fuel your confidence. Since we don’t believe in temporary fitness programs, we help you develop a lifelong healthy fit lifestyle. 


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