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Shred Member Profile:


At Shred 905 we want to hear about your journey in fitness and celebrate your fitness accomplishments! This month we would like to shed light on our member Joanne. 

Here is what Joanne shared with us!

  Joanne, how were your feelings and apprehensions about fitness before coming to SHRED905?

  My feeling about fitness before Shred905 was that I knew I had to be active but I couldn’t find an activity that kept my interest for more than a couple of months.  I was interested in what Shred905 had to offer as far as the spin classes, but I was honestly afraid to try any of the box classes. Nine months after becoming a member, I love to box because it’s a release and I feel stronger.

  How quickly did you decide to commit yourself to this fitness journey and why did you choose SHRED905 to be that place for you?

I decided to commit myself to this fitness journey after a couple of months at Shred905 because I could see a difference.  The more I tried different classes the more I signed up for them. My very first class was April 19, 2018 and I purchased a 3-class pass as a try out. At the end of the 3 classes I signed up as a member because I knew Shred905 was going to help me reach my goals.  This place was different and nothing like I had ever tried before.  The trainers care about their members and they want to see them succeed.

  How has SHRED905’s ‘hybrid’ approach to training helped you with sticking to your fitness plan and not get bored?

  Shred’s “hybrid” approach to training has helped me because the trainers make it fun but challenging. When I think about the early days of doing spin, I couldn’t get off the saddle but over time I’ve built strength and stamina. I want to keep pushing my body to be stronger and the trainers will help me reach my goals. I like the various classes because each workout is different and for me it wards off boredom.

  How has SHRED905 helped you overcome your apprehension and insecurities on 'all things fitness’?

  Shred905 has helped me overcome my apprehensions and insecurities by educating me about health and fitness. New techniques along with a better understanding of myself and what I’m capable of have helped me and will continue to help me reach my goals.

  What do you love most about the new ‘Joanne’!

  I love that I can fit into a smaller size. I love the compliments I get from family and friends and I love that I can connect with myself and tell myself I can do this. Before Shred905 I would look at myself and I didn’t like what I saw and the body I displayed. I’ve been heavy for 20 years and my weight has been like a yo-yo but this time it’s different because I don’t want to go back to the way I was before.

  Where do you want this fitness journey to take you? 

  I want this fitness journey to make me look at myself and be proud of what I’ve accomplished. I Member want my husband and sons to be proud of me because my weight has always been a struggle. I know my parents are watching over me and I know they would be so proud. Sometimes in a spin class I get emotional because I’ll push myself. It’s as though I am breaking through to becoming a healthier person. And I hope I can inspire one person because someone inspired me.



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