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Why the OCTAGON TRAINER is Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry?

Posted in Octagon , on March 20, 2018 0 comments

Why you should incorporate the OCTAGON functional training into your current daily fitness routine?

The OCTAGON is the best in functional equipment and SHRED905 is the first boutique fitness studio in Canada to offer this equiptment to its clients. 

The OCTAGON range of functional training frames exemplifies the approach to functional and performance-based instruction. Combining stimulating workout experiences with efficient programming, these frames are designed to get the very best results for every fitness enthusiast.

Functional frames continue to grow in popularity in the fitness industry, providing its users with an abundance of fitness training opportunities.

Cross training frames offer barbells, free weights and bodyweight movements for a highly challenging workout, combining strength, and cardio for a full body SHRED experience.

With the OCTAGON you will experience a 360-degree approach to a boot camp style workout, offering top-notch training based on power intervals, calisthenics and enormous potential for fat burning throughout your entire body.

THE OCTAGON was created and developed by Escape Fitness® a leader in the field of health, continuously looking to push the confines of what is possible and make the conventional extraordinary.  They are committed to functional training, adapting and developing exercises, which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries. They encourage their clients and fitness professionals to ESCAPE THEIR LIMITS®, an approach that is the foundation of Escape Fitness® and what they offer around the world.

To begin your OCTAGON experience, try SHRED905’s OCTA-SHRED or OCTA-BOX class! 

OCTA-SHRED are boot-camp style created workouts with a heavy focus on isometrics, power intervals and plyometrics, all to the beat of heart pumping and energizing music. The session incorporates the use of our studio’s supreme range of functional fitness equipment including Corebag®, Fitness Bulgarian Bag®, Plyobox® and TIYR®.

The OCTA-BOX class is a blend of boxing inspired training and functional training on the OCTAGON.  This hybrid class will offer some pretty unique, powered up routines for any individual craving to change up their fitness workouts.

Both of these classes are offered in an intimate environment, affecting the intensity of your workout, leaving you feeling like you just got a personal training session with a group of fitness fanatics like yourself!

Once you try out the OCTAGON and its limitless training abilities, you will be forever hooked!

The SHRED905 concept was born 15 years ago when husband and wife, Roberto and Maria Defilippis, founded a multidisciplinary medical centre focused on orthopedics and sports medicine. Maria and Robert sincerely believed in the philosophy of SHRED905; those individuals who join in their community will be immersed into a health and wellness fitness group of like-minded individuals who are committed to a fit lifestyle, a balance between the mind and body and who are always encouraged and supported to ESCAPE THEIR LIMITS.

After tremendous success of meeting patient needs, Maria, a fitness enthusiast and certified instructor, has now devoted her time to helping others reach their fitness goals while living healthier, happier lives. Building on the same vision, SHRED905 continues to spread and grow their mission of helping people meet their health goals through a unique and intimate fitness studio experience.

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