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Top 5 Reasons to Start Boxing Now

Posted in Boxing , on March 22, 2018 0 comments

1. It's a killer core workout. Boxing strengthens your core like no other fitness class.  Your boxing coach will guide you into the proper stance to move from, while punching, jabbing and kicking to work the core best. Standing in a lower position, using your quads and abs to achieve a lower center of magnitude; this is how you isolate that core strength and power. With every punch, kick and pivot, you'll notice your abs contracting and working with you.

2. One word: cardio. Have you ever wondered why boxers are some of the world’s best-conditioned athletes? It has been scientifically proven that 15 minutes in a boxing class will burn more calories than one hour on the treadmill – you can burn up to 800 calories per class!  You definitely do run during a boxing class, using your whole body in a mix of punching drills, sparring and bag work that will give you supreme physical conditioning.

3. Improves your overall brain function. In boxing, your mind has to be as swift as your physical body to prevent being hit or knocked down. Your brain has to work offensively and defensively at the exact same time. Boxing is an empowering process that takes mental resilience and sometimes overcoming your biggest fears.  You will notice that your coordination and ability to act quickly will increase as you continue to box. You can take this out of the ring to help you in your everyday, becoming mentally stronger and fearless.

4. Do the workout every famous person says is #1. Whether it’s a Victoria Secret Super Model or Chris Evans preparing for his role as Captain America, there is a reason that they turn to boxing for their preferred form of prep training and are completely devoted to its results.  A straight up boxing sweaty session is not just an arm workout.  When done properly, it is a full body, legs, core, shoulders, back, cardiovascular workout.

5. To feel less stressed and more calm.  It’s no secret that we are super stressed these days, and it’s definitely no secret that whether punching a bag or partnering up with someone who is ready to block your hits, is the best way to release body tension, mind fatigue and to ultimately find more peace in both.  Use your next boxing class to help you manage the everyday challenges and get those endorphins pumping.


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